COHEN, Leonard: Under Review, 1978-2006



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Leonard Cohen - Under Review: 1978-2006

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By 1978 Leonard Cohen had already produced a staggering body of work that had firmly set the standard for the singer-songwriter genre and contained numerous classic songs within its canon. If like many of his contemporaries his muse had abandoned him around this time, he would still today be regarded as a genius. But the six studio albums released between then and 2006 contained some of the finest work of Cohen's entire career, and on tracks such as "First We Take Manhattan," "Dance Me To The End Of Love," "The Future," "I'm Your Man," "Ain't No Cure For Love," "Tower Of Song" and so many others, he augmented his music with a philosophy, wisdom and enlightenment that both delighted his existing fanbase and endeared him to new generations in a manner that few others could hope to achieve.

This film mixes rare performance footage, studio recordings, interviews, rarely seen photographs, location shoots and many other features with contributions from some of Cohen's closest colleagues and from experts on his life and music. It features his official biographer Ira Nadel; Cohen producers John Lissauer, David Gold and John Simon; journalists Robert Christgau, Anthony DeCurtis, and Nigel Williamson; authors Johnny Rogan and Jim Devlin; and many others.

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