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Bon Jovi: The Inside Story
Lewin, Charlotte - Television Director

Playing Time: 02:13:59
Catalogue Number: DVDIS025
UPC: 823564523996

Despite never having been particularly fashionable or of great interest to the rock critics who worry about such things, Bon Jovi carry on year after year, releasing dynamic material and playing stunning live shows - and in the process remain amongst the most successful and best-selling rock bands of all time. These guys must be doing something right!

Indeed, what they have done right since their emergence in the early 1980s is keep their fans delighted yet challenged, entertained and excited, and feeling part of the great Bon Jovi family at all times. And it is for those very same fans that this set has been created. This set tells the complete story of Bon Jovi, from their beginnings working night after night in the nightclubs and bars of New Jersey, to their position today as prime movers in rock's elite class.

Featuring rare performance and interview footage of the group, contributions from those who have known them best - including friends, colleagues, fellow musicians and others with whom they have worked - location shoots, news reports, seldom-seen photographs (many of which come from private collections and remain previously unpublished) and of course some of the best music made during the past 30 years.

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