U2: Collector's Box



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U2: An Unforgettable Journey
Roll, Frederick - Television Director
U2: Achtung Baby - A Classic Album Under Review

Playing Time: 02:13:51
Catalogue Number: DVDIS003
UPC: 823564508290

With a career that has spanned four decades, U2 are still at the top of their game and remain one of the biggest rock acts in the world. As popular today as they have ever been, their appeal seems to know no bounds as generation after generation delight in their unique and powerful sound.

The U2 Collector's Box tells the incredible story of U2 and Bono in its entirety via unseen performance and interview footage; interviews with close friends, music biz colleagues, former workmates and many close collaborators who have known the band through the years; numerous location shoots; unpublished photographs and a multitude of other features.

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