DARKNESS (THE): Shadows and Light



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The Darkness: Shadows and Light

Year of Production: 2004
Playing Time: 01:02:53
Catalogue Number: CVIS369DVD
UPC: 823564504490

Hailing from a small town in the UK, The Darkness burst onto the scene to inject the "rock" back into the 21st century. Merging a fresh new attitude with a style that many thought went out with the Ark, they have huge appeal for both the traditional rock fan and new generations alike. With Justin Hawkins as the perfect frontman sporting a mammoth wardrobe, falsetto vocals, venomous tongue and a solid band of musicians behind him, this groundbreaking troupe have rocketed to instant celebrity. From the ashes of the past, get ready to accept The Darkness of the future.

The Darkness: Shadows and Light goes behind the scenes and reveals the truth about the biggest rock band to emerge this decade. From penniless paupers to millionaires, from audiences in single figures to half a million, this video tells the story of how The Darkness rocked the scene and brought the much-needed cabaret back into performing.

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